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Gender Reveal

Learn the gender of your child with SneakPeek - a non-invasive DNA-based test that can be done at the comforts of your home.

DNA Testing -Legal or NON-Legal DNA Tests

Which DNA Test is Right For You?


A non-legal DNA test can be utilized in the comfort of your own home where we send you a self-collection kit whereby each party would swab their inner cheek with a saliva swab and utilize the specimen envelopes and overnight shipping label to send the specimens directly to the lab for processing. All non-legal DNA tests are self-collected and cannot be used for any legal proceedings but are for informational purposed only and is a more cost-effective way to establish paternity for peace of mind.

Legal DNA

A legal DNA test requires the parties to go to a certified testing center in their city, and all parties must present a valid form of ID. Photographs will be taken, and legal guardian documentation and birth certificates of any minors may be required. All specimens are collected following strict chain of custody protocols to ensure that no challenges to the results can be successfully made. This DNA test may be used for child support or custody proceedings. When a legal DNA test is ordered, you will be contacted by a DNA scheduling specialist to schedule the appointment for all parties at a local testing center.