Why Choose Demand Diagnostics?

We specialize in drug and alcohol testing for individuals on probation or in pretrial diversion programs. Unlike other companies, Demand Diagnostics Lab asks the right questions to ensure you get the specific test you need. We review your court or probation documents and can even contact your probation officer to confirm test requirements, taking the stress out of a stressful situation.

Our testing centers offer court-ordered and probation drug tests, covering urine, hair, and oral saliva samples. These tests are vital for a range of legal requirements, including probation, child custody cases, and other government-mandated tests. Detailed instructions ensure that the tests comply with court orders, specifying the type of test and drugs to be screened. If necessary, sample collection can be witnessed to prevent tampering, as specified in the court order.

To schedule your drug or alcohol test, please call our scheduling department at 754-778-6380. Our testing centers are open early, late, and on weekends for your convenience.